Van Diagnostics in Leeds

At Auto Diagnostic Services we have one of the largest selections of diagnostic scanning equipment in Yorkshire. Our diagnostic equipment can be plugged in to 99% of all vehicles, which means we can locate and then fix any potential problems your van is having.

A few of the things a van diagnostic check can cover:
  • Van Engine Management Systems
  • Van mmobiliser Systems
  • Van ABS and Traction Control Systems
  • Van Airbag and SRS Systems 
  • Van Air Conditioning Systems
  • Van Diesel Management Systems
  • Van Automatic Transmission Systems
  • Van CanBus Systems
  • Van Service Light Resetting
We cover all makes and models.

Also. Most of these checks don't take long and can be done while you wait. Remember, fast diagnostic solutions means that you save money on expensive garage bills for time extensive manual fault finding. Also, we understand that to most, your van is your primary income vehicle. If your van is having issues and you can't spare the time to come to us, we can come to you.